Saturday, August 14, 2010

Focuso at Galleries

Girl with Red Flower

Did a focuso shoot at the James Street Art Crawl in Hamilton Please visit the slide show! Thousands of people with hundreds of friends visiting the several dozen galleries and hang outs. Felt like Toulouse Lautrec chronicling the Impressionist scene.

Focuso Gallery by Amy Allcock

Tree in Field

Here is a link to a gallery made for Focuso pics along with comments - please have a look! Focuso Gallery

Focuso of the Past

Stroll in Time

Just went to the past and took some shots - Focuso works well in period pictures: See the slideshow on Flickr

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hawaii en Focuso - Whole Vaction... Nothing but Out-of-Focus!

Turquoise Tranquility - Waimea Bay in Hawaii

Posted on Flickr are about 80 shots of the few hundred taken in Hawaii on vacation. I took all shots out of focus for the purpose of Focuso. Drop on by, check out the slideshow and let me know if you like some more than others ;-)

I was looking for the quintessential beach photo and got some pretty cool ones of sand and umbrella... girl looking out to sea... palms and ocean, surfers in sunset... it was fun!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Focuso - Out of Focus Photographic Art Status

Here is how Focuso has grown so far. This link gives an alternative view into the Flickr world.

And a recent desktop - a shot of RoseAnne on a winter walk:

RoseAnne en Focuso

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dan Zen Gives Pecha Kucha Talk on Focuso at FITO, Toronto Flash User Group

Focuso FITO Talk

Inventor, Dan Zen gave a Pecha Kucha talk Nov 28th, 2007 at FITO the Toronto Flash user group, largest of its kind in the world: The event was packed and was held at the Pixel Gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto - (Element156 - Digital Media Center, 156 Augusta Avenue Just North of Dundas, Just West of Spadina - a great gallery to check out!)

Pecha Kucha, apparently Japanese for chit-chat involves showing 20 slides for 20 seconds each, traditionally with a format of no speaking or sound - however, we have westernized it to include speaking and sound. The gist of Dan Zen's Pecha Kucha is as follows:
Focuso Pecha Kucha Talk

As interactive designers and developers, we often build features with a foreground and a background where the content for the foreground is created by the user. We design the background or the environment.

If the foreground is considered in focus, the background might be considered out of focus. It is the context for the content.

Focuso is the art and philosophical aspect of out of focus or Focus out - Focuso. In particular, it can be demonstrated by photographs that are purposely out of focus for artistic reason.

This Pecha Kucha talk shows how Focuso has been used in a number of Dan Zen features, often as background, yet it stands alone as an art form as the pictures to the right attest.

It is hoped that the samples will encourage designers and developers to think about focus as a way to handle background much like we drop opacity. These days, with the blur filter in Flash, it is very easy to do - but of course, there is always the camera!

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