Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Focuso People - Out of Focus Photographic Portraits

Focuso Dan Zen

Girl on Path en Focuso

Focuso Portrait of Edgar Breau - Simply Saucer

Above are four examples of focuso portraits - photographic portraits taken out of focus on purpose for artistic reasons. In some many cases, the person can be made unrecognizable and abstracted. Hunt through the flickr pics in the focuso group and you can find examples. In other cases the character's features are there but blurred to posterized type effect.

In lightest focuso, it might be said that there is only a softening. I have been blending focuso over an in-focus photo and applying effect. It works to blend the features and is quite beautiful. See the models set.

Have fun with this - take a few shots in focuso along with your regular shots and see if you can capture the essense the aura of a subject. The picture at the bottom is one of my favourite pics ever. It is of course, shot out of focus on purpose.

Please leave a message below if you give this a try and let us see the results!